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Meet the Skeptic
Bill Foster Meet the Skeptic
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In Defense of Jesus
Lee Strobel In Defense of Jesus
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The Christian Atheist
Craig Groeschel The Christian Atheist
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A New Kind of Apologist
Sean McDowell A New Kind of Apologist
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More Than A Carpenter
Did The Resurrection Happen ... Really?
Gunning For God
John C. Lennox Gunning For God
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God's Undertaker?
John C. Lennox God's Undertaker?
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A Simple Christianity
John MacArthur A Simple Christianity
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Is God A Moral Monster?
Paul Copan Is God A Moral Monster?
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Who Is Jesus ... Really?
Josh/Sterrett, Dave McDowell Who Is Jesus ... Really?
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The End Of Christianity
William A. Dembski The End Of Christianity
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God-Breathed: The Undeniable Power and R
Josh McDowell God-Breathed: The Undeniable Power and R
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Who Moved The Stone?
Frank Morison Who Moved The Stone?
Sale price€10,95
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